Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where I've been

This blog has been rather quiet as of late, but not for lack of activity on my part. I tend to work in cycles, and the summer/fall part of the year is when I focus on the outdoor aspect of my work - shooting film. I am very particular about the conditions in which I choose to make my images, and the warm weather is spent waiting for the perfect conditions to take the cameras out into the world. The rolls of film pile up in my studio usually until the snow falls, when I retreat indoors and spend the winter and spring processing the accumulated work.

This cycle reflects how I live my life in general. I am very interested in urban gardening and spend the summer tending to my vegetable gardens both at home and in my community plot. It is a great pleasure to pull out a bag of strawberries harvested by my own hands from the freezer in January, bringing a taste of warm weather and sunshine to the bleak days of winter.

As the days grow shorter, expect to see more activity here. Until then, you can find me harvesting herbs and freezing tomatoes.