Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Traveling Toy Camera Project complete

I recently participated in the Traveling Toy Camera Project, in which a Vivitar toycam is traveling to different photographers all over the world. Although I had the camera in my possession in March, I just posted the images to the blog today.

It was interesting to go back to shooting in a rectangular format, as I have become so used to shooting square. Because I was only able to keep the camera for a short time in order to get it to the next participant, I had to shoot my roll on a sunny day, which is not my preference. I'm still pretty pleased with the results, and I'd like to go back on a cloudy day to reshoot some of the scenes with my Holga. I believe some could fit into my series Novel quite nicely.

The photos can be seen here.

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Diane Peterson said...

I had seen your work when the images for the LightBox Show were announced,,I can see I am in good company..loved yours!
Diane Peterson